AP English Language (AP Lang) Score Calculator – 2024 (2024)

Wondering how you’ll score on the AP English Language exam? Look no further. By using our AP Lang score calculator, you’ll be able to see just how well you’ll score on the day of the AP Lang exam. Easy and interactive to use, our AP Lang score calculator is the right tool to help you prepare.

What is the layout of the AP Lang exam?

It’s crucial to understand the various components of the AP Lang exam. Doing so will only provide more clarity in your preparation journey. By referring to our AP Lang score calculator, you’ll already see that there are a few sections to be aware of. The AP Lang exam is divided into two main sections, which are each graded specifically.

Section 1 is all about multiple-choice questions. Get ready to dive into a set of 45 questions. You’ll have to complete them in 1 hour. Further, this will make up 45% of your entire exam score. There will be 5 sets of questions for you to answer:

23-25 questions will be about reading, asking you to read, review and analyze nonfiction text examples.

20-22 questions will be about writing, asking you to approach stimulus texts and see how you can revise them as though you are a writer.

Section 2 is centered on the free-response question, better known as AP Lang FRQ. With the AP Lang FRQ, picture it as the part of the exam where you can make the most impact towards your score. The AP Lang FRQ is 55% of your exam score, so it’s best to know what to expect here. This means that within 2 hours and 15 minutes, including a 15-minute reading time, you will have to write an essay response to 3 questions. Because it takes up more than half of the AP Lang score, you can use our AP Lang score calculator to see if this is an area you might need to familiarize yourself with more than you thought.

AP Lang Free-Response Question

The three AP Lang FRQs are: Synthesis Question, Rhetorical Analysis, and Argument. The Synthesis Question AP Lang FRQ requires you to review 6-7 texts on a topic. Then you’ll form an argument that supports your thesis by quoting from and using at least 3 of the sources. In the Rhetorical Analysis AP Lang FRQ, be prepared to read and review a nonfiction text. You’ll be expected to critically analyze how the writer uses language in the text and how that lays out the purpose of that text. Within the Argument AP Lang FRQ, be sure to form your own clear stance that directly addresses the given topic. Have your argument founded on the evidence you’re using. See which pieces of evidence can best correspond and address the question, and make sure to address why.

AP Lang Score Calculator (Continued)

Here is an example of a set of AP Lang FRQs from the 2023 AP Lang exam:

Question 1 (Synthesis Question, AP Lang FRQ): “Carefully read the following six sources, including the introductory information for each source. Write an essay that synthesizes material from at least three of the sources and develops your position on the value, if any, of vertical farms to the future of agriculture.”

Question 2 (Rhetorical Analysis, AP Lang FRQ): “Read the passage carefully. Write an essay that analyzes the rhetorical choices Dove makes to convey her message about what she wishes for her audience of graduating students.”

Question 3 (Argument, AP Lang FRQ): “Write an essay that argues your position on the extent to which Curbelo’s claim about persuading others is valid.”

As you prepare for the AP Lang exam, if reviewing the AP Lang FRQs seems a bit intimidating right now, don’t worry. Familiarizing yourself with the structure of the exam and understanding what to expect ahead of time will only help bring you closer to your desired score. With our AP Lang score calculator, you can practice to see which exact areas of the AP Lang exam you can invest more time into.

AP Lang Rubric

When it comes down to the AP Lang FRQ, many students are convinced that this is what makes the AP Lang exam one of the hardest AP exams. Though it may not be one of the easiest AP exams, the AP Lang exam is among the least hardest of the most difficult AP exams.

To get a better estimate of how most students score on the exam, in 2022, 520,711 students took the AP Lang exam. Of those, 55.7% of students scored a 3 or higher and 31.5% scored a 4 or higher. This might come as no surprise given how students are required to demonstrate a high-level of analytical, argumentative, evaluative and persuasive writing. Let’s take a look at how the AP Lang Rubric is scored below. Then, you’ll see how you can feel ready for exam day by using our AP Lang score calculator.

AP Lang Rubric and Scoring: Thesis, Evidence and Commentary, and Sophistication

Thesis: You will be given 0-1 points based on how well you form your thesis. The AP Lang exam reviewers are looking to see how well you present a position and perspective. This must then be strongly defended with the evidence provided.

  • Be sure to avoid just rewording the prompt. It might seem easier to simply state a fact that the evidence provides, but the AP Lang exam reviewers are wanting to know how exactly you are making a claim. It should be a statement, not a repetition of a fact. Find the angle of your thesis that is uniquely yours and thoroughly supported with the evidence you’re choosing.

Here is an example from the 2022 AP Lang exam’s Synthesis Question FRQ. This answer is merely stating a fact, not making a claim or position on the topic:
Concerned that American students are lagging behind internationally in STEM disciplines, U.S. schools are starting to put more emphasis on STEM education.

AP Lang Score Calculator (Continued)

And here is an example of a thesis that would successfully earn the point:
STEM education is an overrated trend that will not last. In fact, many employers look for qualities and skills that are not only taught in STEM classes.

See the difference there? There is more of a clear position and stance in the latter thesis. Try practicing ahead of time how you’ll word your specific position for these types of AP Lang FRQs. Then with our AP Lang score calculator, you can practice well in advance and gauge how you’ll score on the exam.

Evidence and Commentary: Based on how well you can provide enough compelling evidence and commentary, you’ll be able to earn between 0-4 points here. In order to achieve all 4 points in this rubric category, use at least 3 sources and provide specific forms of evidence to directly support your claim. Then you’ll need to consistently and thoroughly explain through your own commentary how the evidence supports your exact claim.

  • Pay attention to any specific details and words from the sources that could help your argument. Then include them in your answer. Think analytically, citing multiple sources.

AP Lang Score Calculator (Continued)

Sophistication: Here you’ll be given 0-1 points. This depends on how well you demonstrate a sophisticated thought or complex grasp of the rhetoric. The AP Lang exam reviewers will be looking to see if you can explore complexities across the sources you’ll use.

  • Are there any limitations even within your or a stated argument that you can explain well? In your argument, be as vivid and persuasive with your diction as you can.
  • And remember, you won’t get the point if you are only writing a phrase that sounds sophisticated but is not relevant to or supporting your argument.

How long is the AP Lang exam?

Taking all of these different components and factors into account, the AP Lang exam lasts for a total of 3 hours and 15 minutes. Again, divided into two sections, the AP Lang exam’s first section on multiple choice questions lasts for 1 hour. The second section, the AP Lang FRQ section, lasts for 2 hours and 15 minutes, including a 15-minute reading period.

It’s important to pace yourself with each question. However, be aware of how much time (minutes and seconds) you should be spending on one single question. Is there a section that takes you longer to finish? Worried that you’ll be running out of time? By utilizing our AP Lang score calculator, you can see how to best maximize your time management skills when preparing for the AP Lang exam.

Is AP Lang hard?

It’s a question that many of you have asked yourselves when first signing up for your AP classes: How many AP classes should I take? Will this be too much? Is AP Lang hard? The best way to judge just how difficult the AP Lang exam will be for you is to study and practice over and over again using our AP Lang score calculator. As mentioned earlier, the more you prepare and familiarize yourself with the different sections of the exam, the better you’ll do.

Once you’ve completed your AP Lang exam, you’ll probably be wondering when your official scores will come out. AP scores come out sometime in early-to-mid July. This year’s AP exams were released on July 5, 2023. You also might be thinking why in the world it takes so long to grade. But now that you’re aware of the AP Lang FRQ, and all that goes into the AP Lang rubric and scoring, it should be no surprise that these exams will have you waiting for quite some time.

After you’ve used our interactive AP Lang score calculator, you’ll only be more familiar with what kind of score to expect in July. We’re happy to help.

AP English Language (AP Lang) Score Calculator – 2024 (2024)


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