Emory Webclock (2024)

1. Timekeeping | Emory University | Atlanta GA

  • A link to webclock.emory.edu is also available in Self-Service. Instructions on using the Kronos Web Clocking system can be found here. You will also use ...

  • How you track your leave at Emory depends on whether you are biweekly paid (non-exempt) or monthly paid (exempt).

2. [PDF] How Do I Use the Kronos Webclock? - Emory Finance

  • Depending on your role and work area/department, you can log into Kronos from the following: ▫ Desktop. ▫ Laptop. ▫ Mobile Phone. ▫ Kiosk. Emory University ...

3. ETS Temp Resources | Emory University | Atlanta GA

  • Access the Kronos web clocking system at webclock.emory.edu using a computer or your mobile phone web browser. Log in to Kronos using your Emory NetID and ...

  • If you're already working as an ETS temp, these resources will help you with everyday things you need to know such as tracking your time, viewing your paycheck and more.

4. [PDF] Emory Timecard Adjustment System (ETAS) - Supervisor & Manager Tasks

5. Log In to EHC Workspace Virtual Desktop Environments

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  • Welcome to Emory Healthcare's EHC Workspace - Login Page for our Virtual Desktop

6. UKG: HR and workforce management solutions

  • Our purpose is people™ and we provide HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions that inspire your people and elevate the work experience.

7. Hiring Students - Emory College of Arts and Sciences

  • Students may be employed only in a temporary (employment) status. Emory students enrolled in post graduate programs will be considered for regular employment ...

  • College HR has developed resources for supervisors to use in organizing and managing student employees. Should you need any additional assistance please contact your designated HR Associate in the Emory College Office.

8. Graduates - Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine - Marshall University

  • WebClock · Cabell Clinics Event Reporting · Event Reporting Link · Datix ... Fellowship: Plastics & Reconstructive Surgery - Emory University. Practice ...

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9. ITCS-WebClock

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  • ITCS WebClock: Web Based Online Time Clock Software is cloud-based and simple and easy to use for employees. Time Off Tracking, Scheduling, Payroll Integration.

10. Resources for Employees - Atlanta, GA - Emory Healthcare

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  • Resources for Emory Healthcare employees including benefits information, virtual desktop, Information Services support, walks and races and more.

11. WebClock | Time Clocks - TCP Software

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  • Simplify timekeeping with our employee portal and web clock.

12. oasis

  • Emory User: Use your Emory University or Emory Healthcare username and password to log in to OASIS. Continue to log in by clicking EMORY NETID USER.

13. Timesheet Entry Instructions for WebClock - FBRI Help Center

  • To clock in using the WebClock, employee must enter CAS PID and Password to login. Accessing the Web...

  • To clock in using the WebClock, employee must enter CAS PID and Password to login. Accessing the Web...

14. StafferLink FSM Timeclock

  • Time and Attendance. Facility: Emory Healthcare. User Login:

Emory Webclock (2024)


How to use Emory Kronos? ›

Clocking In and Out

Access the Kronos web clocking system at webclock.emory.edu using a computer or your mobile phone web browser. Log in to Kronos using your Emory NetID and password. Remember, you must use all lowercase characters for your user ID or the system will reject your log in. Enter your password as normal.

Does Emory have a remote work policy? ›

With the supervisor's permission, the workday start and end times may vary within the week from the normal agreed schedule. Departments may specify core working hours. Telecommuting: An employee may work from a remote location up to one day per week with the permission of their supervisor and their ELT member.

How do I approve Time in Kronos? ›

On the Kronos Home page, you should be able to see the My Timecard section which shows your current timecard. The Approve Timecard button acts as a drop down window for both approvals and removing approvals. Once pressing the Approve Timecard icon, you can press Approve Timecard to approve your time card.

Do remote workers get tracked? ›

Modern remote monitoring software provides employers with a wide range of employee information. It allows them to see exactly what the employee is doing on their work computer, including the websites they're visiting, the messaging apps they're using, and in some cases even what they type via keystroke logging.

Can Emory employees take classes at Emory? ›

The Courtesy Scholarship is a grant that covers tuition exclusively (not textbooks, fees or other miscellaneous charges). It is made available to Emory University employees and their family members who apply and are admitted for enrollment in academic programs at Emory University.

Does Emory pay out sick time? ›

Paid leave includes holidays, vacation and sick leave and applies to university employees working at least 20 hours per week.

How does the Kronos system work? ›

Kronos is a cloud-based workforce management software system that helps businesses automate and manage their time-tracking and payroll procedures. It provides a suite of integrated modules, including time and attendance, absence management, scheduling, and payroll, to simplify and improve worker operations.

How do I leave a note in Kronos? ›

Select the More Actions icon next to the event from the list, for example, next to the Punch Out cell.
  1. Select a comment from the Select a Comment drop-down list.
  2. If needed, add a note in the Type a note (optional) box.
  3. Optionally, tap Add Another Note, enter a note in the text box and then select Add.


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