G's Madden 21 Sliders (Gameplay & XP) User VS CPU (2024)

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G's Madden 21 Sliders (Gameplay & XP) User VS CPU

These sliders have been developed to ensure the same rates of occurances are occuring at the same average rate as in the nfl (drop %, run stuff %, YAC, YBC, QB adjusted accurancy, injuries per game, penalties, int rate, and many more)

I can elborate further on how the data is collected as the thread grows.

The sliders were built tracking stats and monitoring game play to ensure the user has a challenge on offense, passing lanes are tight as well as coverage but achievable and more rewarding. The CPU qb will be more willing to take shots deep. The run game will not be automatic and lanes will close quickly, you will notice when you play a genuinely good d line. On defense the run game must be schemed against, know your opponent and how to attack the run lanes, can you stop the run only rushing 4? If not user must consider run blitz. Pass d is challenging as well, well called plays based on the situation and coverage adjustments are crucial to stopping good qbs.

The following house rules are for ensuring fair team building between CPU and users, use them if you choose, ive found following these ensures competitive games through many seasons.


All training must be simmed, and not changed from default choices. However user may change the 3 players that are given extra XP each week.


When signing or resigning players, the user can only adjust the total length of the "fair offer" contract by +/- 1 year. Therefore if the initial contract negotion default "fair offer" is only for 2 years, the player can change to 1 or 3 or keep it at 2 years. This is to prevent user from signing young high ceiling players to long term cheap contracts as they are unproven players, its not realistic and would present a major advantage for the user over CPU.

3. TRADES (updated 1/25)

A) Only use the trade block to acquire players and trade away your own (must not trade a player on the first year of his contract)

B) Only use manual trade to move up in the draft and may only use draft picks to do so, no manual trades involving your players for plcks.


These are in place to ensure the user doesn't have an advantage over the cpu by not using features the cpu does not utilize.

A) No hot routes, however user can use motion

B) Audibles are allowed

C) Only coaching adjustments allowed: tackling, ball in the air, ball carrier, no cb assignment changes.

D) Coverage adjustments, d line shift, and lb shifts are allowed but the only player specific adjustments to assignments allowed are to change a single players assignment to qb spy.

E) Auto-subs must be default, use formation subs for diversity of snaps amoung players

CFM LEAGUE SETTINGS (that differ from default)

Updated 3/5 (* denotes recent change)

*leave main menu settings defult*
**Adjust the following settings in CFM**

Game Style: Simulation

Quarter Length: 12 min*

Accelerared Clock: On, 19 sec*
(These time settings ensure the User games finish with the same average snaps as the simmed games, which unfortunately is slightly about 5/6 of real nfl games)

Superstar Abilities: Off (the goal of these settings/sliders is to make ratings matter enough that the elite players stand out without this arcade feature)

Break Out Scenerios: Off

Development Trait Regression: On

Desired X Factor Dev Players: 50

Desired Superstar Dev Players: 100

Desired Star Dev Players: 500

XP Sliders: Updated 1/29 (* Denotes most recent change)
QB 100*
HB 130
FB 175*
WR 110*
TE 175*
OT 220*
OG 200*
OC 200*
DE 130*
DT 130*
MLB 140*
OLB 120*
CB 150*
FS 175*
SS 175*
P 150*
K 150*

I suggest starting with the all madden set, if its too difficult move to the all pro set until you can adjust to the speed.

Difficulty : ALL MADDEN

UPDATED 3/26 (* denotes recently changed)


QB Acc: 44* / 7
Pass Block: 6* / 15*
WR Catch: 64* / 42*
Run Block: 31* / 45*
Fumble: 37 / 12
Pass D React: 100 / 0
INT: 35* / 10*
Pass Coverage: 100 / 0
Tackle: 24* / 4*

Difficulty : ALL PRO

UPDATED 1/5 (* denotes recently changed)


QB Acc: 5 / 14 *
Pass Block: 0 / 10
WR Catch: 50 / 50 *
Run Block: 0 / 81 *
Fumble: 35 / 51 *
Pass D React: 40 / 100 *
INT: 37 / 39 *
Pass Coverage: 0 / 100
Tackle: 0 / 75 *

*I personally sim all special teams, as the kicking meter is too easy to master in short time that gives a large advantage to user IMO, like the house rules this is optional, but why i have not touched the ST sliders*

Kick Power: 50
Kick Accuracy: 50
Punt Power: 50
Punt Accuracy: 50


UPDATED 3/25 (* denotes recently changed)

Offside: 99
False Start: 30*
Holding: 99
Facemask: 99
Def PI: 99*
Block In Back: 51* (have this occuring more often than NFL averages, but rather to match the NFL rate for all illegal blocks)
Roughing Passer: 49
Offensive PI: ON
Illegal Contact: ON
Running into Kicker: ON
Roughing Kicker: ON
Kick Catch Interference: ON
Intentional Grounding: OFF

Gameplay: (updated 3/5)

Threshold: 100*
Injury: 50
Fatigue: 45*


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G's Madden 21 Sliders (Gameplay & XP) User VS CPU (2)

G's Madden 21 Sliders (Gameplay & XP) User VS CPU (2024)


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