Savage Love book by Zhee_Aliyu (2024)

I majestically walked into class knowing I was 10 minutes late but I didn't care. In fact, I had a lazy grin on my face.

Everyone, including the teacher had their eyes on me. The girls began to murmur and squeal, gazing at me with dreamy eyes. Some guys looked at me with anger while some with envy. My friends, who were sitting at the back had smiles on their faces. I made my way towards them.

"You're late Aito-kun" Miss Park said to me in her thick Korean accent.

I just smiled at her. The kind of smile I knew made girls weak. I've been told that it's very seductive. It worked because young, single Miss Park suddenly flushed pink. "Sensei, I forgot to set up my alarm last night. It won't happen again" I said, slowly gazing at her from head to toe, purposely letting my eyes linger on her chest.

"By the way Sensei, you look really beautiful today" I complimented, topping it with a wink.

Miss Park was immediately appeased. She blushed even harder. "T-Thank you Aito-kun. Have a seat. Don't be late next time"

I flashed her another smile and nodded earnestly. Miss Park toned down her blushing and continued to teach.

I quickly took my usual seat by the window, sighing as I dropped my bag on the floor. Women were so easy. Seemed like my plan for Miss Park would flow smoothly. It won't take long before I ruin her life completely. She won't even see it coming.

I loosened my tie and pulled up the sleeves of my uniform. Of course It wasn't allowed and I was clearly breaking the dress code but I didn't care.

"Yo man" I heard my best friend, Haruto whisper. "Sensei definitely likes you. You think it'll work?"

I let out a smug smile. "Of course. By tonight, she'll be putty in my hands and we'll have our revenge"

Haruto shook his head, muttering something along the lines of "co*cky bastard" but I paid him no mind. Nothing could spoil my good mood. Miss Park would definitely get what she deserves.

Shima Haruto is my best friend. He's tall and handsome, with light brown hair and chocolate coloured eyes. He's a basketball player and a hard core Kpop fan. His dream is to join a kpop band as a rapper. We've been friends since we were toddlers. I trust him with life and vice versa. He's the only one who understands the pain I'm going through. Every second of every single day.

My name is Yamamoto Aito and I am the most popular, most handsome guy in the school. I have platinum blonde hair which I'm too lazy to comb so it's always messy but people tell me it makes me look sexy. I have eyes like crystals. Brown but glassy. A slim pointed nose, pretty pink lips and smooth clear pale skin. Not a single blemish could be seen. Thanks to my family's good genes.

I'm of average height and I hate exercise but Haruto makes me visit the gym with him twice a week so I've got lean well sculpted muscles and a six pack. Every girl I've come across wants to be with me and every guy wants to be me. I don't blame them though. I'm filthy rich, smart and handsome. Even I want me.

My parents are business tycoons and they have a huge power over the school so no one dares to defy me unless they were ready to lose their jobs and never find one again in the future. I basically own the place and the people in it which feeds my ever growing pride.

I took out my maths notebook and began to jot down a few equations on the board when I noticed someone new sitting across from me. The guy had sleek dark hair. I could only see his side view which was quite good looking. I also noticed a few girls sneaking glances at the new guy. Huh. He must be handsome then. When did he even join and I didn't know about it?

I tapped on Yua’s shoulder who was sitting in front of me. She turned, gazing at me with a look that said she wanted to bury me alive and asked; "What?"

Suzuki Yua is one of my friends. Her shoulder length hair was dyed a dark purple colour and she had dark cat like eyes. Yua is a beauty with a cold temperament. Also rich and proud. Our parents are friends as well as business partners but I don't like her one bit. She's just a stepping stone for me to achieve what I want. When I'm done, I'll destroy her too.

"Who's he?" I asked, nodding slightly in the new guy's direction.

Yua didn't have to look to know who I was talking about. She sneered. "If you had come earlier, you would know. I was left alone with stupid Haruto"

I rolled my eyes. I really didn't care. She's so annoying and she keeps grudges over the littlest things. Sometimes I wish I could take the butt of my pencil and erase her from the surface of this universe. "Quit complaining like a child Yua" I groaned. "I can't always be around you. Just answer my question"

She scoffed, flashing me a cold smile. "If you're so curious, why don't you ask him yourself?"

"Yua, Aito-kun, is there something you want to share with the class?" Miss Park asked when she noticed they weren't paying attention. sh*t. I thought she was going to give us detention straight away then I noticed she was full on glaring at Yua but not me. Sweet. I could totally use this to my advantage. The entire class turned to look at us both. Including the new guy.

I put on my usual smile, eyes sweeping over the new guy before landing on Miss Park. "Not at all Sensei. It's just that Yua keeps pestering me so I can't concentrate"

The girls in the class gave Yua death glares.

"Is that so?" Miss Park asked to which I earnestly nodded before Yua, who was shocked, could say a thing. "

Savage Love book by Zhee_Aliyu (2024)


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