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Chapter 2992: Blessed Heaven World Badge


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Su Zimo glanced sideways at Yuan An beside him.

A hint of anger flashed through Yuan An’s eyes towards the tragic bloodshed on the combat arena. However, he did not say anything.

It was the same for the other Sanguine Apes.

When they saw that, the Sanguine Apes seemed to be used to it. Although they were angry, they did not reveal any strong fighting spirit.

Even the six Kings of the Sanguine Ape World who presided over the scene did not step in to stop him.

Su Zimo noticed that two of the six Kings of the Sanguine Ape World were the dark-faced and taller Sanguine Ape race.

“When your Perfected Spirits of the Sanguine Ape race fight, you fight to the death?”

Su Zimo asked.

Yuan An was silent for a moment before saying, “In theory, there are no rules

or restrictions and we can fight to the death.

Yuan An clearly did not finish his sentence.

Su Zimo said in a deep voice, “From the looks of it, the two Sanguine Ape Perfected Spirits who killed earlier on seem to be different from you guys. They should be from different lineages, right?”

Such situations were extremely common among the ten thousand races. For example, among the Dragon race, there were the five Dragon lineages such as the Horned Dragons and Blue Dragons et cetera. Although they were all Dragons, their lineages were completely different.

Yuan An nodded and did not hide anything. “Fellow Daoist, you’re right. Those two fellows earlier on belong to the Horse Monkey lineage.”

“The Ape race has four lineages. The two most common races in the Sanguine Ape World now are the Sanguine Ape and Horse Monkey lineages.

Su Zimo nodded.

However, Ma Xuan, who was also of the Horse Monkey lineage, had a special bloodline and was clearly far superior to the other clansmen!

As the two of them conversed, the outcome of the remaining three battles had already been decided.

In the three Perfected Spirit Battles, the Perfected Spirits, including Monkey, were from the Sanguine Ape lineage.

Although their battles were also ferocious, they did not escalate to life and death battles. The moment the victor was decided, they stopped and walked down their combat arenas respectively.

“From the looks of it, there seems to be some feud between the Sanguine Ape and Horse Monkey lineages.”

Su Zimo lamented internally.

After the first round of combat ended, five people won and Monkey was one of


In the second round of the Perfected Spirit Battles, the five of them drew lots first and there were a total of five badges.

The Perfected Spirits who drew the No. 4 and No. 5 badges would fight first to determine the winner and become the number four seed.

Thereafter, No. 1 vs. No. 4, No. 2 vs. No. 3 and they would fight in pairs.

The order of the draw was quickly announced.

No. 1, Monkey.

No. 2, Ma Xuan.

No. 3, Yuan Cheng.

No. 4, Ma Xiao.

No. 5, Yuan Ci.

No. 4 and No. 5 were from two different lineages of the Sanguine Ape World! In the Perfected Spirit Battle earlier on, Ma Xiao even killed another Sanguine Ape Perfected Spirit.

Ma Xiao grinned at Yuan Ci and hooked his finger.

Yuan Ci did not say anything and ascended the combat arena with his staff. A huge battle broke out instantly!

Naturally, those who could enter the top five of the Combat Ranking were not easy to deal with.

Ma Xiao’s attacks were sharp and arrogant.

Yuan Ci was extremely calm and composed. His attacks were defensive and watertight.

Both parties were in a stalemate for a long time. Ma Xiao’s attacks gradually weakened while Yuan Ci began to counterattack and gradually gained the upper hand!

After fighting for a while more, Yuan Ci’s bloodline surged and his aura suddenly increased. With a long roar, he broke through Ma Xiao’s defense and the iron staff extended, smashing towards the top of his head.

If that staff struck, Ma Xiao’s head would definitely be shattered and he would die on the spot!

When he saw that Ma Xiao could not defend and was about to die on the spot, Yuan Ci’s iron staff hovered above Ma Xiao’s head and suddenly stopped!

Su Zimo frowned slightly.

The relationship between the two lineages seemed to be different from what he had initially expected.

If there was some feud between the two lineages, why would the Sanguine Ape lineage hold back when the Horse Monkey lineage was so cold-blooded and heartless and had just killed a blood-related clansman?

When he saw Yuan Ci stop in the arena, Yuan An, who was at the side, was not angry. Instead, he heaved a sigh of relief.

The other Sanguine Apes were not surprised by this either.

“Since you can fight to the death, what are the Sanguine Ape lineage worried about?”

Su Zimo suddenly asked.

Yuan An was stunned, as though he had not expected Su Zimo to notice something amiss so quickly.

He looked troubled and hesitated without saying anything.

Right then, something unexpected happened on the battlefield!

Initially, the outcome of this battle was already decided.

However, just as Yuan Ci retracted his staff and was about to turn to leave, Ma Xiao suddenly attacked and released killing moves and secret skills in succession!

Yuan Ci was caught off guard and did not manage to defend for long before he was severely injured.

However, Ma Xiao did not give him any chance to survive and killed him with a single strike, destroying his Essence Spirit!

That change caused an uproar!

The entire process took less than two to three breaths. By the time everyone reacted, Yuan Ci was already dead on the spot.

“What are you doing?!”

“Despicable and shameless!”

A series of curses burst forth from the Sanguine Ape group in an agitated



Ma Xiao laughed arrogantly and pointed his staff at the many Sanguine Apes below, shouting, “Those who are dissatisfied can come onto the arena and fight!”

Although many Sanguine Apes were extremely angry, no one went forward when they heard that.

Su Zimo looked at the six Kings who were sitting at a high spot to preside over the Perfected Spirit Battles.

If none of the six Kings stood out to uphold justice under such circ*mstances, the problem with the Sanguine Ape World would probably be even more serious than he had imagined!

Among the six Kings, a Sanguine Ape King stood up slowly and pushed down the air with both hands. When the clamor and curses around him gradually subsided, he looked at the two Horse Monkey Kings sitting beside him.

“The outcome of the battle earlier on was clearly decided. Yuan Ci showed mercy, but Ma Xiao ambushed him from behind and killed him cruelly. Isn’t that way too ruthless?!”


One of the Horse Monkey Kings sneered, “The outcome was already decided? Fights on the combat arena are to the death. Until one person is dead, there’s no such thing as victory or defeat!”

“He was careless and incompetent. He could not blame anyone for being killed instead.”


When the Sanguine Ape King heard that, his face flushed red with anger.

Among the remaining three Sanguine Ape Kings, some were silent while others sighed.

The last person reached out and pulled the Sanguine Ape King, persuading in a low voice, “Heaven Breaker, forget it.”

Ape King Heaven Breaker clenched his fists and remained silent, still looking coldly at the two Horse Monkey Kings beside him.

Su Zimo’s spirit consciousness moved.

The cultivation realm of Ape King Heaven Breaker was at the major Grotto-heaven realm while the two Horse Monkey Kings were at the minor Grotto-heaven realm.

However, Ape King Heaven Breaker and the other three Sanguine Ape Kings were clearly wary of the two Horse Monkey Kings!

“What’s wrong?”

When the Horse Monkey King saw that Ape King Heaven Breaker was still standing motionlessly and staring at him coldly, his expression darkened. He stood up slowly and asked coldly, “Are you trying to go against the heavens?!” Su Zimo’s gaze shifted and landed on a badge on the Horse Monkey King’s waist. His pupils constricted and a cold glint flashed as he narrowed his eyes. “Blessed Heaven World Badge.”

The badge represented the origin of the Horse Monkey King.

Blessed Heaven World!

Su Zimo had not expected to meet someone from the Blessed Heaven World in the Sanguine Ape World—a King at that!

Furthermore, he was not the only one!

Eternal Sacred King - Chapter 2992: Blessed Heaven World Badge Free Read Online (2024)


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