Car of the Week | Week 61: Yes SiR! (Honda Civic SiR-II (EG) '93) (2024)

Car of the Week | Week 61: Yes SiR! (Honda Civic SiR-II (EG) '93) (1)

(yes this is the third LATER I've used, I have like 6 of these)

Now inside and with a duty done, Emile lounges by the television room chairs, exhausted but awaiting a well deserved reward.

Candy, bringing in her expensive coffee set once again, serves, to the joy of a somber character.

Emile: "Sweet or sour.. what lurks beneath this abyss.. past exhaustion, coffee is the elixir for life after."

He sips slowly, with Candy joining him on the chairs.

Candy: "Wow, you've a taste for poetry, huh?"

Emile: "I moonlight. Saxophone, lyrics on the mike, doing poetry, be it by the streets or in cafes, or clubs at times. Simple money for honest work.."

Candy: "Speaking of which.. I suppose you're here for.. work, as always?"

He puts down his cup by the table, explaining further..

Emile: "Emile out of the States is a strange sight, correct. You're right. I am here for work. What work.. well.. it needs elaboration from someone else."

Candy: "Curious. Is the coffee to your liking?"

Emile: "Of course. Once again.. it's to kill for."

Glad he's glad, Candy looks at her expensive coffee set, quoting..

Candy: "It's hard to mess up such a simple concept."

Emile: "That so? I'd like to see you run this field of business.. goes well with me on the jazz. You have a plan to moonlight with me in Boston, Vegas, or Los Angeles?"

She shows signs of interest, but it begs her to ask..

Candy: "Is this a partnership I'm seeing?"

Emile: "It's not a bad idea, admit it."

Candy: "No, I see it's not, but it's not what I'm foreseeing.. in terms of what I want to do these days.."

As Emile continues to sample the hot beverage, Candy looks around and wonders..

Candy: "I suppose we're waiting your.. superiors? A member of the Guild?"

Emile: "You can say that. Before you begin guessing if it's someone nasty.. it's my protege."

Interested then asks in a hurry about it.

Candy: "Protege? Like in.. student?"

Emile: "It kills you to know your English better. Yes. You know her as the one with the flamethrower in her knees."

Only one person can fit that description, and Candy responded with that name in mind.

Candy: "Ginnie? Your apprentice?"

As she puts her in todays' equation, Candy then thinks..

Candy: "You being ahead of her.. it's a hard picture to paint. I've seen her in action, and you.. it's definitely not known unless mentioned.."

Emile: "She doesn't enjoy mention of it neither."

Candy: "A fair assessment.. it explains why you both are close."

Emile: "Especially when you've got one side of the Guild that wants her etched out of existence.. spearheaded by our good friend the Emerald Lust.."

Candy sighed she's not seeing her anytime soon.. that is a sigh of relief.

THen she recalled of a fact learned in Autopolis..

Candy: "Ama, huh? She told me it was personal."

Emile: "Oh.. I see. I recalled it was. You've a good memory. Alas.."

He remained silent, which got her asking in a slight fluster..

Candy: "What?"

Emile: "Forget I said."

Candy: "Hmm.."

Before long, sounds of legendary 90's supercars intrude the quiet mood.

Car of the Week | Week 61: Yes SiR! (Honda Civic SiR-II (EG) '93) (2)

Emile: "Well, I suppose it's about to get more.. crowded."

Both getting up, they head for the window and noticed the spot with the Camaro now filled..

Candy: "Nirvana too? Oh.. she's the handler."

Emile: "For the Trinitia, yes. I.. wonder how you knew?"

Candy: "She personally informed me of that."

On the outside, the two women, after exiting their now idle cars, plan to walk to the front door.

Ginoa had other plans, noting as she has her eyes on a refurbished wall.

Ginoa: "Ohh, they fixed it up alright.."

Nirvana: "Hmm?"

Ginoa: "You know.. I met Quinn again. Here of all places. The coincidence of the century.. for me and her.."

Car of the Week | Week 61: Yes SiR! (Honda Civic SiR-II (EG) '93) (3)

Watching the mended stone wall, Ginoa recalls the time she had a reunion with Quinlan at this very place back in Week 26..

Quinlan: "Anyone home? Jesus, what's the John Dory round these parts? Fine, I'm gonna count to 3 before I get in. 1.."

Still hostile, Ginoa readied to strike with her signature overhead kick, only for Quinlan to turn at an instant..

Ginoa: "ALLE!"

Quinlan: "OH NO YOU AIN'T!"

Predicting that, she let out a howl and lunged her great fist towards the cyborg's abdomen..

She might've flown far towards the home's stone fencing, smashing it to pieces, but Ginoa gets back up, as if nothing happened, showing that artificial strength of hers.

These two women started to slowly walk towards, knowing that in each other's minds, they can't beat the crap out of each other without coming close.

Ginoa: "Ohh, merde, I can feel THAT punch. Fancy seeing you here, Quin.."

Quinlan: "Walloping wallabies, Ginnie?! I reckon you'd not be rotting down in a grave yet. Nope. Seems you're all and well. F[BLEEP]ing perfect!"

Ginoa: "I got more than enough tools to break that unbreakable body. You should've never come!"

Quinlan: "Save your breath! I've busted up about 20 different bogans this day. You're just the cream on top of the mousse in this workout!"

From the inside of the open front door, Gary peeks out to see..

Gary D: "Yo, what's up? WHOA! Who's this amazon?"

Allured by Quinlan's huge attractive body, Ginoa reaffirms to him, to the best she could while striking with swift kicks.

Ginoa: "Stay back! It's one of the Trinitia! She's here for me!"

Warnings fall on deaf ears, as Gary, umm.. 'admired' the famed tennis player's colossal blows and even more colossal body.

Gary D: "Trinitia? Aww snap, girl, she's a B-E-A-S-teeeeee! What's up?"

Getting in her way, Quinlan has no choice but to comply..

Quinlan: "Oi? I'm Quinlan! Call me Quin! Now.."

Willing to take any chances, Ginoa shot her arm gun to a distracted Quinlan, who barely dodges it with style.

Frustrated with this outcome, she shouted..

Ginoa: "Putain de merde!! You're on MY side, Gary!!"

Quinlan: "That's a real near miss, that is. Like she said.. I'm one of them."

Gary D: "One of them? So, there's Gin, and there's you.."

Shedidn't take much heed of Gary, but as she flexed back up another gigantic fist.

Underestimating her opponent's agility, she missed her mark, landing the great forces on a thick concrete wall.

The wall's fate would end up much worse, as when Quinlan rears her fist out, somehow unharmed, Gary notes and shudders..

Gary D: "AHH S[BLEEP]!! She's like REAL roided! Did she just bust up that brick wall like it was nothing?"

Quinlan: "What're you yapping about? It WAS nothing, umm.."

Rather than continue the fight, Ginoa had a mood to intervene..

Ginoa: "Gary. He's Gary. Say hi, Gary."

Gary D: "Uhh.. hi?"

Quinlan: "Pleasure meeting you, sweet thing. Now uhh, can I end that bugger without further interruption?!"

She tossed Gary back in the house, and as they circled around, the cyborg begins to show cracks in her armor, struggling to catch a breath.

Ginoa: "G-Gary?!"

Quinlan: "Don't you worry, you drongo. Fella seemed like he ain't hurt in the slightest."

However, as they continued to clash, Gary then comes out with his phone recording.

Gary D: "Damn, this is fine ass cinema."

Quinlan realizes, as she blocks Ginoa's arm blades with the power of her iron-like arms.

Quinlan: "Waloping wallabies! He's recording us fighting, ain't he?"

Gary D: "For sure. Keep going, this is going to get hits on the dark market."

Using this pause to agree with each other through a nod, Ginoa then rushes forwards and sliced downwards her extruded blade, cutting through her boyfriend's phone..

Gary D: "[in slow motion] NOOOO, THAT WAS MY FAVORITE PHOONE!!"

With the violence going another way, Quinlan, covered in cuts, asks her adversary, dented and bruised..

Quinlan: "Ahhh, f[BLEEP] it! Truce?"

Ginoa: "You said it. You see how much of an idiot this man is."

Now looking at the well kept stone floor, Ginoa imagined her boyfriend's cut up phone in place as if that whole affair happened yesterday.

Ginoa: "That was a limited edition, 24 karat gold plated phone too. Sucks to be him. Perhaps someone like our favorite little bebe here must be fuming that kind of fight's happened too."

While it was sort of a good memory, Nirvana thought otherwise, sharing as she palms her shaking face..

Nirvana: "Nirvana can't even comprehend the amount of idiocy these top of the line assassins have.."

Ginoa: "Would you like to know the last time I've clashed with Madame Crimson in a Waffle House?"

Nirvana: "Nirvana doesn't care if you battled in the centre of the sun! Just you three clashing is by all means a waste of resources and energy."

Ginoa: "Whatever. It's fun. Don't you ever consider that? Like your hundreds of duels with my boss?"

She's obviously trying to get under her own skin, Nirvana thought. But she rebuts appropriately.

Nirvana: "Nirvana's definition of fun does not consider the possibility of high value life loss. Now, shall we?"

Back on track, they arrive by Candy's front door.

Knowing of the unnaturally high mailing slot, Ginoa gets a sense of the current festivities as the slot opens.

Ginoa: "Selamat Hari Raya!"

Candy: "What?? Ginnie.."

Nirvana: "Hilarious. You are in the wrong country for that, Assassin."

Ginoa: "I know, but if Sonny was here, he'd have my head for not being festive about it."

Candy didn't take long to open the door this time.

Candy: "I'm not expecting guests today, if that's what you're asking."

Nirvana: "Bu[BLEEP]it. Emile is already inside. Not to mention he has something to tell."

Distraught by her poor manners and overall toxic vibe this morning, Candy went cheeky.

Candy: "You're always right, you know, mama."

Having a negative idea on what she's going to do to her, Nirvana instantly cools off within her, and demands..

Nirvana: "Don't even go there. Should you want to let us in, or.."

Candy: "I was getting to that. No shoes."

Car of the Week | Week 61: Yes SiR! (Honda Civic SiR-II (EG) '93) (4)

With this small group now comfortable in the small lounging area, an energized Emile finishes his third java of the day, giving the women no chance for a quiet taste test.

Emile: "I told you this liquid abyss is all good, correct?"

Nirvana: "This not in the agenda of Nirvana, Emile."

Noticing Emile not even showing signs of hyper activity, the other two have their own talk.

Ginoa: "Don't mind her.. she's in a bad mood for whatever reason."

Candy: "I can see that. What might it be?"

Nirvana, hearing enough, gets to the point, harshly.

Nirvana: "You. What Ross calls the spunky brat. You've set off a chain reaction from what you did with your girlfriends in Austria. What Nirvana calculates might be the precursor of something larger."

As if she's getting punished, Candy objects..

Candy: "Ulp.. I already don't want to hear it."

Nirvana: "Too bad. Nirvana was to lecture you of various things this day. The most immediate effect? Perhaps the betrayal of the Big 3 and the Assassin's Guild. What else are you expecting from I, Nirvana? A congratulatory speech?!"

Not comforted, Ginoa turns to her friend and remarks..

Ginoa: "Oh mon dieu.. She's creepy when she's angry, Emile."

Emile: "I know. It's a killer look for her."

Ginoa: "How you still are calm and composed.. I don't even.."

Wanting to get some sense from her, Candy asks..

Candy: "Are you saying.. I'm to blame or something.."

Nirvana: "Nirvana isn't blaming you. You were just going for what was right in your heart. However, right in you, does not mean right in everyone around. To the world around us.. groups have been formed and now enforced with perhaps a growing sense of hostility."

After that small rant, Nirvana takes a sip of the dark stuff and speaks of what's going on.

Nirvana: "Sonny and Nirvana.. we've taken reins of The List that includes mostly of the new. You heard that: it's been divided. I, Nirvana.. cannot believe it's happened."

Then continued..

Ginoa: "Me too. And you might not want to be facing Clarkie after what you've given Augur one of his Chosen."

And again..

Emile: "And I suppose Jacob's current state means you might want to keep your social communication.. on hold."

And moved again..

Candy: "Ugh.. I just can't believe it but.. Quinlan's right. Tell it to me, Nirvana."

Nirvana: "In every conceivable angle, you're, as they say in ugly teeth land: proper f[BLEEP]ed."

To back that last statement up, Ginoa proposed what might be the coup de grace.

Ginoa: "She probably chose not to say, that Quin, but yup: the Guild has a nice big bounty for your head."

Emile: "How upfront, Ginnie."

Ginoa: "Sorry, bebe.. it's mighty high up, and we're here to collect. Before you get the likes of the Grim Reaper knocking. You've seen him up close, oui? Nasty stuff. Makes a woman like me reconsider who's the best killer of them all sometimes.."

It's like all of her worst fears came up to her in full force this day.

Repeatedly assuring herself it's fine, she took a big breath and..

Candy: "Whew.. that I do.. but.. I'm about to be MURDERED?! IN COLD BLOOD?! AT MY SANCTUARY?!"

Nirvana: "That's what's fated, but Nirvana thinks of something else."

She didn't like it, obviously, as she stands and readies to run.

Candy: "This is some kind of joke! I mean.. it's not like I've crossed the moral rope or anything!"

Nirvana: "Don't lecture us about morality! You know it! You saw her and the interpol agent husband of hers! Lucia's already a lost cause."

Remembering their encounted in Austria, she did see Lucia, being a different character, but strangely believed her friend is still there.

Candy: "NO! No she is not! Don't even assume for my end, you!"

Nirvana: "Silly woman. Don't you see where you've found yourself at? No place to bargain."

Candy: "Urmm..."

As if they teleported, Ginoa and Emile are in position by any possible escape routes.

Noticing too late, she begins to panic internally, but Nirvana spoke up, uncaring of her target's mental state.

Nirvana: "Do not sour further than what you see from I, Nirvana, at this moment in time.."

She then finishes her coffee, hiding on how she's enjoying every drip.

Nirvana: "My. What I've heard is no fluke. Nirvana likes your coffee."

The only way out is with words, she thought, and thus she began to speak, flustered.

Candy: "Timeout! Two seconds, you two.. do you really believe I'm just going to let you come in my house just to end up dead just minutes later?!"

Ginoa: "Oui. A fair assessment."

Emile: "Mmhmm.."

She turned quickly to Emile, who closes the distance from the front door.

Showing all signs of panicked body language, she explains..

Candy: "Emile, you helped clean my cars, just so you already know it might be the last time they might end up clean?!"

Ginoa raises her eyebrows, playfully teasing..

Ginoa: "Such a gentleman thou art, Emile.."

Emile: "Trust me: they are dying to be cleaned."

Keeping up with this thought, she turned to Candy..

Ginoa: "But.. ooohh! I've been hearing that you're not going to die right here, and right now."

Candy: "Does that mean I'm getting out of here at the first minute you're ready to strike?"

Ginoa: "You misread the intention of this meeting, mademoiselle.. Don't take it personally, but this after all is just the distraction, right, Emile?"

Emile: "Mmhmm.."

Nods Emile as the two killers then notice Nirvana ready with a needle injected onto Candy's right arm without hassle.

Candy: "NYAAAHH! Wuh-what is this?! N-Nirvana.. why?"

Nirvana: "You are such a fool."

Not even seconds later, she loses her senses and lulls to a deep slumber.

The three that remain watch over, commenting..

Nirvana: "Hmmhmm.. do you wish to know the first time I met this short racing queen.. Nirvana was hopeful to earn her trust. But today.. she is just a waste. I think you two are ready for what's to come?"

Ginoa: "This is going to be fun!"

Emile: "Fun? I suppose it might be.."

Ginoa though had a thought, asking with her hand held by her chin.

Ginoa: "I'm still out of the loop why she needs to be alive right now?"

Nirvana: "Fufufu.. well.. she is still of some value, despite the f[BLEEP]k up she's caused. But in this age, what she is about to be put into might need her to be.. hardened."

Ginoa: "I've heard about that time in Tsukuba.. this sounds to be a much worse ordeal."

Walking around, Nirvana laments..

Nirvana: "Ohh.. sweet little piece of Candy.. Nirvana has yet another test for you.."

However, she then began to feel drowsy, leading to a quick head shake.

Nirvana: "My jet lag is coming to ruin me.. Nirvana needs rest."

As Nirvana exits the scene, the two that remain converse..

Emile: "So, when do you think she will awake?"

Ginoa: "Let's see.."

She picked up the near empty syringe and measures based on where the liquid once resided, answering with intrigue?

Ginoa: "Maybe by nightfall? Hibernate for a few days is possible? I mean, this is a LOT of anesthesia."

Car of the Week | Week 61: Yes SiR! (Honda Civic SiR-II (EG) '93) (2024)


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