How to get all badges in Roblox The Classic (2024)

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Roblox The Classic requires you to collect a variety of badges, tokens, and Tix in order to unlock exclusive rewards. While we've already talked about Tix and tokens, this article provides a detailed breakdown of the instructions for getting every Roblox The Classic badge.

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How to unlock all Roblox The Classic badges (2024)

Before we head to the details, it's important to note that most of the badges can be found inside Roblox The Classic hub itself. You can use the event tracker button on the left side of the screen to track your progress in real-time and see how many badges you've collected so far.

BadgesDescriptionHow to getRarityWon Ever
Character DoorsSpeak their names and the doors shall openGo to the racing track and type the following words in the chat to unlock a secret room:
– Builderman
– Shedietsky
– Clockwork
– Telamon
– 1x1x1x1
9.8% (Extreme)1330164
Map ExplorerActivate all of the checkpoint portals.You need to find six colorful portals around the map. Step through each portal to activate it.6.9% (Extreme)876726
Ride A Cart in The ClassicEnjoy the views.Ride the Cart near your spawn point. Do not press any of the arrows on the cart until the ride is finished.9.6% (Extreme)1496293
Buried TreasureYar! There be treasure under them bricks!Find 10 books at the following locations:
- Main hub near the fountain
- Your House
- Castle
- Food area
- RobloxHQ building
- Volcano area
- Roblox The Huntportal
- Sphere structure
- Race car destination
- The ship (treasure location)
6.9% (Extreme)755616
Roblox RacingSlow and steady wins the race.Head to the race track at the bottom of the map and complete three laps in a Go Kart.11.7% (Hard)1913947
Thirst QuenchersNobody deserves to be thirsty.Go to the secret cafe and type "magic mirror" in the chat while standing in front of the mirror. Then, use the stairs in the hidden room and buy a Bloxlade drink from the vending machine.7.7% (Extreme)848669
Complete Obby of GloryHey! Where's my gravity coil?Complete Obby of Glory challenge.12.5% (Hard)2142997
Complete Obby of DoomWhat gives… Where's the rainbow path giver??Complete the Obby of Doom challenge.11.9% (Hard)1951942
Top DodgeballerStand up for yourself.You need to hit other players 25 times with the Superball. It is unlocked via Tax that are found in the Classic hub and other games.8.0% (Extreme)966985
Rocket SecretI love rockets.Climb to the top of the rocket and shoot it using the rocket launcher that you earned by finding Tix in the games.9.7% (Extreme)1356848
BloxiadeHelps you do sports.Use a drink coin at the vending machine hidden in the secret cafe. Refer to the Thirst Quenchers for more info.5.1% (Extreme)610,291
Bloxy ColaA refreshing classic.Use a drink coin at the vending machine hidden in the secret cafe. Refer to the Thirst Quenchers for more info.3.3% (Insane)466,750
Chocolate MilkWay better than milk-flavored milk.Use a drink coin at the vending machine hidden in the secret cafe. Refer to the Thirst Quenchers for more info.0.5% (Impossible)67,673
Witches BrewJust don't ask how it gets made.Use a drink coin at the vending machine hidden in the secret cafe. Refer to the Thirst Quenchers for more info.0.8% (Impossible)115,362
Time BombGet ready for some explosive fun!Collect Tix in the Roblox Classic hub.4.0% (Insane)373,703
Mom's DogA very good boy.Collect Tix in the Roblox Classic hub.2.2% (Insane)187,476
Rocket LauncherLoad, aim, and fire! Just don't forget the aim part.Collect Tix in the Roblox Classic hub.15.5% (Hard)2,541,993
A Bucket Full of SmilesGreat for holding smiles, but not water.Collect Tokens in the Roblox Classic hub.6.5% (Extreme)582020
Shawl of FameWith great power comes great fashion.Collect Tokens in the Roblox Classic hub.14.1% (Hard)2092273
The Shady GladiatorThis got dark fast.Collect Tokens in the Roblox Classic hub.2.7% (Insane)192976
Hot WingsIf you can't stand the heat, choose another back accessory.Collect Tokens in the Roblox Classic hub.9.8% (Extreme)1136325
StarstruckOMG was that… was that really them?Meet a Video Star Creator in the hub.11% (Insane)130206
Wait, There's Cake?You don’t have to be crazy to work here, but it helps.Meet an admin in the hub.0.5% (Impossible)48402
Developer's SliceYou met a real dev! But digitally!Meet a developer in the hub.0.6% (Impossible)50498
Leaderboard Milestone 0N/AParticipate in the event.100% (Freebie)20649283
Leaderboard Milestone 1N/ACollect 10% of all Tix and Tokens10.5% (Hard)1320243
Leaderboard Milestone 2N/ACollect 20% of all Tix and Tokens6.3% (Extreme)600705
Leaderboard Milestone 3N/ACollect 30% of all Tix and Tokens3.5% (Insane)284775
Leaderboard Milestone 4N/ACollect 40% of all Tix and Tokens1.7% (Insane)122219
Leaderboard Milestone 5N/ACollect 50% of all Tix and Tokens0.5% (Impossible)33419
Leaderboard Milestone 6N/ACollect 60% of all Tix and Tokens0.2% (Impossible)14665
Leaderboard Milestone 7N/ACollect 70% of all Tix and Tokens0.1% (Impossible)7384
Leaderboard Milestone 8N/ACollect 80% of all Tix and Tokens0.1% (Impossible)3874
Leaderboard Milestone 9N/ACollect 90% of all Tix and Tokens0.0% (Impossible)1899
Leaderboard Milestone 10N/ACollect 100% of all Tix and Tokens0.0% (Impossible)451

As you may have noticed, you need certain hub items like Rocket Launcher or Time Bomb to obtain some of the badges. So make sure you unlock these items beforehand to save your precious time.

When will the Classic Roblox Event end?

The Roblox Classic Event will run fromMay 23toMay 28,2024. So, please start collecting all the Tix and Roblox badges to earn all the extraordinary rewards before the event ends.

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How to get all badges in Roblox The Classic

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How to get all badges in Roblox The Classic (2024)


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